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Roy Keane: Manchester United played a perfect match |

Roy Keane was an expert on British television during the match between Manchester United and Tottenham. Former midfielder Ole Gunner again decided to comment on the Soulscare team game. The Irishman said Manchester United played a “perfect” game.

Roy Keane has praised Manchester United for breaking the series without a league victory. The former “Red Devils” player said the Old Trafford club had acted “perfectly” against Tottenham.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the first half, taking advantage of a long pass from Bruno Fernandez. In the end, Manchester United beat Tottenham 3-0.

The home country fans were disappointed with their team’s game in the first half. However, goals from Cavani and Rashford in the second half led to a massive drop in venue.

Keane criticized several Manchester United players in his post-match statement. Last Sunday, the Red Devils lost to Old Trafford 0: 5 to Liverpool. Now, the Soulscare side have beaten the London team in style and have held their first clean sheet in the league for more than two months.

This is Manchester United’s first win in the last four league games.

Soulscare decided to bring Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez off the field in the second half of the game to save them next week. On Tuesday, the “Red Devils” face Atlanta Bergamo in the Champions League, hosting the Manchester derby next weekend.

– I think this is the perfect match for Manchester United. Tottenham had a game in the middle of the week and they have not scored much goals this season. I think they may have won 9 of the last 10 games. However, it was the perfect opportunity for Manchester United. From the statistics, it can be seen that Tottenham had the ball very low.

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– When they scored the first goal, they had to answer a question. “How much more to shoot?” This is a great day for Manchester United.

– When I was still playing, I always told myself before the game. This is just Tottenham, you will definitely win them. Today, the Spurs are a pessimistic team. They got a corner kick after 75 minutes of play. Manchester United have returned to their own penalty area. Spurs failed to do so because they decided to leave all three players in their own half.

– They lost 3-0 at home, which was a terrifying scene. Of course, it was also Manchester United’s best game. Now, they face Manchester City for a weekend.