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Nearly 100,000 people followed the journey of the sick King Harald using airborne radar

The popular king of Norway Harald He is now receiving treatment at Rikshospitalet in Oslo after arriving in his home country shortly after midnight on Monday.

The 87-year-old king had a temporary pacemaker implanted in Malaysia where he was on a private holiday with the queen. Sonia When he got sick.

The Norwegian people were put on edge recently after it became known that he had ended up in a hospital in Malaysia due to an “infection”. She had informed the castle of the details but was saving them. And also the Deputy Regent and Crown Prince Haakonand he balanced his words in interviews on a golden wave.

But journalists on the ground in Asia were able to report on the evacuation flights coming from Norway, with the king's doctor on board.

On Sunday, the king was deemed to have recovered sufficiently to be ready to return home. Norwegian media have shown what an evacuation flight can look like from the inside, even though it looks like a normal, ordinary flight from the outside.