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Snowy weather in California – Snow can reach up to three meters |  the world

Snowy weather in California – Snow can reach up to three meters | the world

Snow House in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Photo: Carolyn Brehman/EPA

Vehicles need snow chains to move forward, according to the road sign.

Photo: Carolyn Brehman/EPA

In the Sierra Nevada mountain range, snowfall can reach three meters in some places.

Photo: Carolyn Brehman/EPA

Over the weekend, going out in some areas could be life-threatening, according to the National Weather Service.

Photo: Carolyn Brehman/EPA

Snow covered car in Mammoth Lakes.

Photo: Carolyn Brehman/EPA

The deadliest snowstorm of the winter so far – like Weather channel It has been called Orzelle – and hit California and Nevada last Thursday and continues through the end of the week, according to forecasts.

The worst is expected in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where up to three meters of snow could reach.

Snow storm in the western United States

On Friday, authorities closed about 10 miles of highway between Reno and Sacramento due to strong winds and poor visibility, and Yosemite National Park and several ski resorts, among others, were forced to close.

Power was also cut off from tens of thousands of homes due to the storm AP.

The news agency wrote that according to the US National Weather Service, there is a risk of “life-threatening” conditions in the area around Lake Tahoe.

“As hard as he can go”

It happened, meteorologist William Churchill tells the AP “Severe snow storm over the Sierra Nevada in particular but also other parts of Nevada and up into Utah and parts of western Colorado.”

-It's really bad when it comes to the total amount of snow and wind. It can't get much worse than that.

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according to Los Angeles Times Is it unusual to have blizzard warnings in the Sierra Nevada. It is usually issued once every one or two years.

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