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The dispute between Macron and Schulz is hurting Ukraine

Agreement does not appear

The dispute between Ukraine's allies comes at a difficult moment in the country's efforts to repel the Russian invasion.

European countries failed to fulfill their artillery pledges, and vital American aid was withheld by Congress.

At the meeting in Paris on Monday, 20 European leaders met with officials from the United States, Canada and Britain, and Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to dispel doubts about Ukraine's ability to resist by showing unity.

However, the dispute between him and Olaf Scholz, the leaders of Europe's two largest economies, does not show unity.

Interact more

German government spokesman Stephen Hebstreet He told Bloomberg that the dispute was not between Macron and Schulz, but rather between the French president and a broader group that thought his comments were wrong.

“Regardless of this, and regardless of the fundamental differences between Schulz and Macron, they get along well and trust each other,” Bloomberg wrote.

The comments about ground forces sparked a backlash from many allies, not just Germany, and also caught the attention of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, they have been welcomed in some countries bordering Russia, Bloomberg writes.

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