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Nervous against Schmadtek, Wolfsburg coach: Zoff goes to the next round

The quarrel between Peter Neurorer and Jörg Schmidtky continues into the next round. Neururer had a VfL Wolfsburg on Sport1 Referred to as the “shame of German football” The occasion was the Champions League exit against Lille or SC. In front of Sky’s microphone, the Wolfsburg manager defended himself four days later – the sentence was a “new level of disrespect” that no one should leave behind, because: “This is not good, it is not appropriate. If we are among colleagues, yes they spoke In this way, what do others have to say about us then?” Former coach Neurrorer has now opened up the next round: “I will stick to it! Wolfsburg have been completely disappointed with German football in the Champions League,” the 66-year-old said in the photo. Because: “Lille is a mediocre team from France this season. And Wolfsburg had no chance against them. You can’t be eliminated that way. This gives a very bad picture.”


Neururer also dared to take a trip into analytical depth – this time clearly as a direct attack on Schmadtke, who is in charge of VfL along with Marcel Schäfer: “I am sure that the crisis is not caused by the coach. The problems are codified there. It is quite clear what is wrong that It happened. It has to depend on how the team is formed and who did it.”

Ahead of Friday night’s first round final in Bayern Munich, the football club is living in the depths of a sporting crisis. Six consecutive official matches have increased the pressure on coach Florian Kohfeldt, who only replaced Mark van Bommel at the end of October. Schmidt had recently bolstered Kohfeldt’s back several times, telling, among other things, to the kicker: “The condemnation is there. He is very clear in his analyses.” The coach himself feels the confidence of sporting leadership: “What I have experienced here in the past few days and weeks is very broad support. And constructively,” Kohfeldt said. “I feel as supportive as possible.”

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Since neither von Schmadtke nor von Schäfer has even the slightest sign in the other direction: “I don’t feel at any time that we are talking about each other – talking to each other and looking for common solutions for how to get in and out of the situation” and “I have the same feeling when I play with the team.”