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Netanyahu was shaken, but not counted

The fact that Netanyahu is now leaving the post of prime minister certainly means that he is shaky, but not that he is calculated. He will continue as the leader of the conservative Likud party and have his time as the most powerful name of the opposition.

But even though Benjamin Netanyahu may have a good chance of cutting the coalition, his resignation from the prime minister’s chair gives a breath of fresh air as a new era and new names are on their way into Israeli domestic politics. However, the coroner is 71 years old and has a pending corruption case. Not an ideal starting point even for a political survivor like Netanyahu.

It may not be needed So much for the fragile coalition building to begin to falter – perhaps it will suffice to break the ongoing cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, or to erupt religiously-colored riots again. Or that the promise to halt the evacuation of Palestinians in East Jerusalem cannot be fulfilled.

Certainly there were happy faces when future prime minister and ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett posed for a photo with Mansour Abbas, leader of the Ra’im Islamist movement, when they signed the government agreement together. Truly a historical picture.

But real challenges await Unmarried couple and their brothers and sisters in alliance. It seems that the precondition for the success of cooperation is that the alliance leaves the big issues aside, for example negotiations with the Palestinians on the two-state solution that the United States now wants to persuade Israel to resume.

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