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The large increase in the number of infected and dead in South America continues

Since a week The Pan American Health Organization noted that the prevalence of infection in South America was increasing and that Bolivia was the worst affected. Then the organization’s head, Carissa Etienne, described the increase over the past week as “drastic” in terms of the number of deaths. The newspaper wrote that the increase continued over the past week Newspaper It has now reached the highest number during the entire pandemic.

In a new report on behalf of Posted on Wednesday Writes The Pan American Health Organization indicated that infections continue to increase in South America at the same time that Canada, the United States and Mexico showed a decrease in both the number of infected and the number of deaths due to COVID-19.

In Brazil, which has been hard hit for a long time, infections are now increasing in a number of states, especially in the northeastern part of the country. According to the Pan American Health Organization, the occupancy rate in many hospitals is over 90 percent.

But also in Campo Grande In the southwestern part of the country, the situation is very difficult, he writes Folha de Sao Paulo. In one hospital, the occupancy rate is 101 percent in the intensive care unit.

According to the organization, Central America has the highest number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Haiti has also been hit hard recently as two different types of the virus require many lives. According to Carissa Etienne, this is due to the unwillingness of the residents to comply with the restrictions. Newspaper free haiti He writes that the infection is “exploding” in the western part of the country.

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Colombia is the country hardest hit by the coronavirus, with the number of patients tripling recently in some areas. to me worldometer Central America is showing a third wave of more than 500 new deaths on average per day in the past week, the highest number since the pandemic began.

WHO writes in his book weekly report The number of newly infected and dead people continues to decline worldwide. The decline is strongest in Europe and in the countries surrounding the eastern Mediterranean.

But South America stands out, and Brazil recorded an increase in the number of new infections by 7 percent in the past week compared to the previous week.

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