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New details leaked ⊂ ⊃

New details leaked ⊂ ⊃

Regarding the design, some details about the Galaxy S22 and the other two models of the new Samsung trio have already leaked. A well-known leaker is now revealing new information about the appearance of the upcoming Galaxy S smartphones, which points to a slightly different scene. We already know that from the iPhone.

With the Galaxy S21, Samsung has given its flagship series an interesting and new design that stands out from the competition at a real appreciation value thanks to the bold rear camera. Leaked images of the Galaxy S22 showed that Samsung should also rely on a design very similar to the upcoming Galaxy S model. Now Leaker “Ice Universe”, who is active on Twitter, notes in a tweet that both the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ should be based on a design reminiscent of the iPhone – just without a recess that takes up space at the top of the display.

Galaxy S22 (Plus) with an iPhone-style “flat” design?

We’ve already learned from previous leaks that Samsung can no longer count on a slightly rounded surface on the back, as we’re currently seeing on the Galaxy S21 (Plus). On the other hand, upcoming models should have a perfectly flat back. The forehead should also continue to do without bending and have perfectly symmetrical edges. Interesting is the speaker’s comment that the new devices should look like the iPhone 13 without a notch.

On the other hand, it refers to the punch-hole camera in the middle of the screen, which is common for Samsung smartphones. On the other hand, the question also arises as to how things are going with the new androids. With the iPhone 12, Apple called out the rounded edges of the iPhone 11 and brought the iconic iPhone 4 back to life with perfectly flat edges. If Samsung takes a similar path, there will indeed be obvious similarities with the iPhone 13. In addition to the lack of a notch, the Galaxy S22 (Plus) can also boast a 120Hz display, which Apple currently reserves for Pro models only.

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It is unclear whether Samsung – unlike the leaked display images – will make such changes and can be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism. With an eye-catching camera element at the back and a punch-hole at the front, the South Korean manufacturer can still stand out. Rumor has it that the iPhone will only receive a hole punch with the iPhone 14. We think, Samsung should definitely take an example from Apple for the next smartphone in one point: moving away from plastic back in the flagship chain.

Galaxy S22: Unexpected New Devices Until 2022

At times, it seemed that we could see new flagship Galaxy S phones in stores from December 2021. This information, which also comes from Ice Universe, becomes increasingly unlikely over time. Other sources now assume mid to late February 2022 is the likely time for the show. It will likely be some time before we can actually get a look at the final design of the Galaxy S22 devices.

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