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New details, screenshots and a teaser trailer for the role-playing game

New details, screenshots and a teaser trailer for the role-playing game

The RPG “Granblue Fantasy: Relink” has received some new details. Additionally, Cygames has also provided a trailer and some screenshots.

After a long time, Cygames and the responsible development studio Cygames Osaka revealed some new details about the upcoming RPG “Granblue Fantasy: Relink”. Among other things, the content that can be expected in the game has been summed up again.

Two game modes are available

So you will be able to try out the single player campaign where you will find out what is going on in Zegagrande Skydom. You will adapt and develop the characters, collect treasures and experience the thrill of three different levels of difficulty (easy, normal, hard).

In the game mode “Quests” you can complete missions alone or in multiplayer mode with up to four players. You can unlock new content by continuing with the main campaign. The objects and experience gained in the journey can be used to fight difficult battles. In addition, the city will be available online as a waiting room where you can meet other players.

In the game “Granblue Fantasy: Relink” players will experience a world where islands of all shapes and sizes are floating in a sea of ​​clouds. It is a world left by the gods. Once the stars tried to take over the world with tremendous force, but they were shocked by the inhabitants of the sky. You yourself live on a remote celestial island and find a message from your father who sends you to search for a mythical island.

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“Granblue Fantasy: Relink” will be released over the next year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Officials also have a trailer, some screenshots, and a comprehensive software update Homepage Delivered.

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