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New Instagram for creators to focus on subscribers

New Instagram for creators to focus on subscribers

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, took advantage of his profile on this social network to explain the news he started providing today to serve as a place on the web where creators can make a living.

And as we already know, Instagram, like other social platforms, integrates features that allow creators to provide exclusive content to their subscribers, that is, those who want to pay to receive more of their favorite creators, and incidentally support them in their work.

In this sense, if even now they can publish exclusive stories to subscribers, Instagram also allows creators to post exclusive content in feeds for this group of users.

Increase the possibilities for subscribers

But not only that, although it is the most sought after job by creators, but also Subscribers will find the Subscriber Home tab in their favorite creator’s profile where they can find and filter content, between traditional posts and reels, exclusive to them.

Likewise, creators will also be able to make exclusive video submissions to subscribers, and even in addition to that Chat with up to 30 subscribers of your channel simultaneously.

No doubt it looks perfectly fine, although the director admits they have a long way to go, as they will try, among other aspects, to bring all these capabilities to more markets, to which the work ahead is added. To improve the appearance of feeds so that videos can be viewed better without affecting image views.

From Instagram they have a lot more work to do, trying to prevent TikTok from eating up the ground in the social media sector, and more so when ByteDance itself, the parent company of TikTok, is already working on launching the Instagram equivalent.

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Instagram needs to reinvent itself in order not to be dislodged, just as Snapchat had to do the same to regain presence in the social media sector. The competition increases, and it is pointless to be one of the most popular platforms when another one appears along the way which could change the rules of the game.

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