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Google Play now displays the data that apps collect and share

Google Play now displays the data that apps collect and share

Google Play is finally rolling out a new “Data Security” section for all users.

A new section changes the information we’ll see in each app’s file and helps us decide whether to install it.

Google Play gives you more information about apps

With the arrival of the new section “Data Security” we will find some changes in the information that is shared in each application’s file. For example, we will no longer see the App Permissions section.

It was this section that informed us of all the permissions that the app will require to work properly on the mobile phone, for example camera, contacts, location, microphone, etc. A simple way to find out what permissions we will have to grant before deciding to install and download the application.

Instead of this section, we will find the “Data Security” section that displays all the information provided by the developer. For example, the types of data collected with the application … personal information, financial information, messages, location, etc. It can also indicate how this data is used or simply say “No data is shared with third parties.”

Other information added in this section is the “security practices” that the app uses to protect our data. For example, you can indicate that the data is encrypted during transmission over a secure connection or that the developer gives you the option to “request the deletion of your data”.

So this section is much more complete than the previous one, where you can see what kind of data it will access when it is installed on your mobile phone, how they will use this information and what security measures they have to protect.

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A detail to keep in mind is that this new section does not change all the modifications you can make from mobile regarding app permissions. Once the app is installed, you can revoke the permissions you deem appropriate from the mobile settings.