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New photos show damage to the Antonovsky cane

After Ukrainian forces regained control of Kherson, the authorities saw the city devastated. In connection with the Russian retreat, a large part of the infrastructure must have been destroyed. Among other things, power outages and there is a huge shortage of water and food.

But in the Russian withdrawal several passes over the Dnieper Bridge are said to have been destroyed, something like that Visible on satellite images. Kakhovka Dam and Darivka Bridge are two examples. The third is the strategically important Antonovsky road bridge.

no blessing The first pictures of the bridge have arrived. It appears that large parts of the north bridge abutment, which is located on the side of the river controlled by Ukraine, has been completely destroyed.

The Russian forces used the Antonovsky Bridge to supply their forces with supplies, equipment, and personnel.

Photo: AP

Russian troops have long used the bridge to transport troops and materiel from the Crimea, through the southern parts of the Kherson region to the city.

She also has She was subjected to several attacks in the past. In July there were reports about Ukraine I managed to damage the bridge Using the American HIMARS artillery system. The damage impeded Russian transportation and in the long run was the reason why Ukraine was able to encircle Kherson.

The entire northern part of the region is now seen as being controlled by the Ukrainians, while Russia continues to control the southern parts bordering Crimea.

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