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Important Republican victory – but not decided

Important Republican victory – but not decided

In Oregon, The Associated Press picked Laurie Chavez-Dremer as the winner, defeating Democrat Jimmy McLeod Skinner. In the battle for the needed 218 seats, the Republicans won 212, and are ahead of ten more, according to forecasts by news companies.

The Democrats, for their part, were projected to be winners at 204, and ahead in nine.

‘Big disappointment’

But the fact that the balance is hanging in the House of Representatives, and that the party has not managed to win power in the Senate, means that the party sees Tuesday’s midterm elections as a fiasco.

–The election night result was a huge disappointment and not what we were expecting, Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, tells Fox News, according to Politico.

He states that the party has a lot to fight:

– Do we have the wrong strategy? Why didn’t our message get through? Why were voters not convinced by our vision and the message Republicans were trying to promote?

And Democrats have not given up hope of being able to retain power. The party to which the president belongs usually loses in the midterm elections.

The wise men in Washington said we can’t win this because of history, history, history. But elections are about the future. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, said I am very proud of our nominees ABC.

She doesn’t want to answer frankly if she sees a possible path to victory.

We’ll see, I’m disappointed with what happened in New York where four votes could have been decisive, but we didn’t give up, she says, referring to the fact that the Republicans managed to win four former Democratic seats in the state House.

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Unclear in gubernatorial elections

In the nearby Arizona gubernatorial race, Democrat Katie Hobbs maintained her lead, and Republican Carrie Lake’s path to a potential victory narrowed. Hobbs campaign manager Nicole Demont wrote in one statement That Hobbs is a favorite now.

“Katie has been on top since the first round of balloting was counted, and after tonight’s results it’s clear that won’t change,” she wrote Sunday night.

The Trump loyalist Lake suggested, without evidence, that there might be election irregularities. She thought the vast majority of the remaining votes would go to her, and it has so far, but not enough. Hope now delivers 26,000 votes, one percentage point.

According to the Associated Press, 160,000 votes have yet to be tallied, and it is too early to say a winner.