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New protests against Netanyahu’s plans in Israel

Organizers had called Thursday “Resist Dictatorship Day,” and it was the biggest protest against the government’s plans yet. The day was chosen in part to complicate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to Rome. Partly to sabotage his deliberations with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Netanyahu had to fly by helicopter to the airport, and Austin, who was supposed to visit him in Jerusalem, stopped at the airport and met Netanyahu there.

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Photo: Galaa Merhi/AFP

Already in the past, Netanyahu did The Italy trip made embarrassing headlines. When El Al Airlines asked its pilots if they were willing to fly Netanyahu to Rome, no one signed up. Netanyahu reacted violently, announcing to El Al that he intended to strip the company of its status as the country’s official airline. El Al, panicked, pressured the pilots and managed the flight.

Protests against the government program are taking on increasingly dramatic expressions. The actions are coordinated by high-ranking military officers, officials and businessmen, many of whom until recently were close to Netanyahu.

At the same time, one is trying The working group with two lawyers, a general and a businessman lay the groundwork for a settlement between the government and the opposition. One of them, former Attorney General Daniel Friedman, is a supporter of some legal reforms, but believes they should be negotiated slowly and without haste. The group appeals to the instigators of the “legal revolution,” Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Constitutional Committee Chairman Simcha Rothman, to stop the massive legislation, but so far to no avail.

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The coalition program, which Levin and Rothman hope to bring to port as early as this spring, critics say, will turn Israel into an authoritarian regime, in which all authorities, including the courts, auditors of the Riksdag and legal heads of ministries, lose their jobs as auditors and “monitors.” to political power.

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