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Sweden and Finland meet Turkey after burning the Qur’an – “a very bad mood”

Sweden and Finland meet Turkey after burning the Qur’an – “a very bad mood”

Turkish President Erdogan She said that Turkey would say no to Sweden’s membership in NATO as long as the burning of the Qur’an was permitted. The talks will resume on Thursday, this time in Brussels.

It’s the first meeting so they can start to get to know each other a bit. There was a rather bad atmosphere after the burning of the Koran and effigies of Erdogan, said David Boate of Morgonstudion’s SVT, so talks stalled.

No negotiations expected

The purpose of the meeting is to convey that Sweden and Finland have met the requirements of the agreement. But Prime Minister Ulf Christerson said he did not have such high expectations, according to Poate, who is there observing the meeting.

– As I understand it, there will be no negotiations today. The Swedish position is that the negotiations took place in Madrid and that an agreement was reached. Sweden has now fulfilled the requirements of the agreement and wants to ratify it as soon as possible.

Turkey and Hungary are the only two NATO countries whose parliaments have not yet approved Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO. The Hungarian parliament is expected to take a decision later in March to approve Sweden’s membership in NATO.

Hear an SVT reporter about what could affect the negotiations in the clip.

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