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New season in lol - when?  what's new?  twelfth season

New season in lol – when? what’s new? twelfth season

New season in Lulu – when?

The new season has now been officially announced and is about to start Friday January 7 at 16:00. Then players will be able to play the positions and see which order they will start Season 12 in. But let’s note that the latest update to the game is 12.1. Servers will go live on Wednesday, January 5th. It will include changes to the new Janna, Akshan, and Elderwood skins, among others to Gnar and Rek’Sai.

New season in Lolu – what’s new?

Besides the new season, a new cinematic, i.e. an animated short, which has been very popular for several years, will also be released by Riot Games. Its title is “The Call” and the picture shows a Pantrheon. Some suspect that the movie will be about the invasion of empty creatures, against which the unfinished baker will fight.

Additionally, Riot Games announced two more public votes – one for skinhead candidates and one for recasting characters. Apparently, the skins you can choose from are those in the Arclight, Gothic, and Infernal series. As for the heroes, the game includes Kog’Maw, Nocturne, Shyvana, Skarner and Tryndamere. It should also be remembered that Udra was recently elected in such a vote, which is currently being reformulated.

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New Season in Lolu – Wild Rift Stream

As we know very well, League of Legends and Wild Rift are closely related. In recent years, Riot Games has been developing its mobile production dynamically and it seems like a profitable investment for it. Wild Rift gathers more and more people, esports in the game begin to crawl, and the most important characters from the world of Lola continue to please the eyes and hearts of players.

This means that on Friday’s schedule, we’ll also learn a lot of new things about Wild Rift, but maybe also VALORANT, and maybe even Legends of Runeterra. Fans can now set their alarms and wait for what Riot Games has prepared for players for the new season in League of Legends and Wild Rift.