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New Silent Hill - screenshots and details leaked

New Silent Hill – screenshots and details leaked

13 House 2022, 10:27

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

Screenshots of the new Silent Hill have appeared on the Internet. The information revealed matches that we’ve heard about some time ago, adding credibility to the leak.

Screenshots and some details about the new network version have been released Silent Hill series. There are many indications that the graphics open By a well-known leaker dusk golem They are true, although, as he himself admits, they are already two years old.


The images provided by Dusk Golem are short-lived, but they have survived on the Discord server. You can see the screen with the graphics that the leaker was able to access below.

Leaked footage and details of the new Silent Hill - Illustration #1


Of course, keep in mind that it is from 2020, very new the silent Hill Currently it may look completely different.

When the dots connect, it makes sense

In addition, the insider in his tweet also mentioned the names of Anita, Maya, and SMS. The second information provided can light a lamp in the head of the fans waiting for the match.

It is related to entry Alani Pierce z Santa Monica studiowhich in 2019 shared the new information under which the silent Hill It will engage players in the game by breaking the fourth wall. This was supposed to happen via the emails sent or the SMS mentioned above.

Leaked footage and details of the new Silent Hill - Illustration #2

Source: Twitter.

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Team Silent Hill Odd Blooper

as we know, last year bypass Polish studio Bloober Team has signed with Konami Digital Entertainment, that specializes in the production of horror games.

Hence the guess that local developers are responsible for producing the new developer Silent suit. It is worth noting that Konami renews this year trade mark a series, Which awakens more hope in the next part of the series.

Despite many interconnected facts, it must be borne in mind that we have not received any official information yet. Therefore, leaks, even those that look more realistic, must be treated with a dose of uncertainty.