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New testimonies of torture and threats in Xinjiang – News (Echo)

Amnesty International’s human rights report is replete with painful testimonies from the retraining camps, and states that all of the interviewees who remained in the camps by daily practices prevailing there were subjected to torture or other cruel and inhuman treatment. Among other things, the report describes brutal ideological indoctrination through threats and humiliation.

In addition, witnesses speak of corporal punishment in the form of, among other things, hanging on walls or shackling on metal chairs.

External estimates suggest that as many as one million Muslims may be incarcerated in Xinjiang.

China is one of the majority of countries in the world that have signed and agreed to the United Nations Convention Against Torture. The allegations of abuse in Xinjiang have been described by Chinese authorities on several occasions as “the lies of the century”. According to the Chinese government, there are no human rights violations and the actions in Xinjiang should only be around combating terrorism and reducing poverty.

The AI ​​survey contains the largest number of first-time attestations to date. At the same time, there is an ongoing international tribunal led by a volunteer organization in the UK, which is also calling witnesses. The European Parliament had already ruled last year that China was committing crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, while the US Secretary of State accused the Chinese state of committing genocide against the Muslims of Xinjiang.