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Two Russian planes violate Danish airspace

Two Russian planes violate Danish airspace

The Danish Ministry of Defense confirmed its refusal to send two Russian aircraft from national airspace on Friday. Defense Minister Trine Bramsen of the Danish Social Democrats said the violations took place near Bornholm near the Swedish border. According to the minister, the Danish government is trying to find out what really happened.

– It’s unusual to see this kind of violation of Danish airspace, so seriously call twice in the same day. There should be no doubt that this kind of violation is unacceptable, says Trine Bramsen, according to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

Similar events to her It happened several times. In August last year, a Russian plane flew after an American fighter flew over Bornholm. The American plane flew in the style of Trane Bramsen, and described the Department of Defense as seeing increased activity in terms of border testing and staying close to Danish airspace.

Work is now underway to investigate how the plane entered Danish airspace and whether it was a navigational error or a “deliberate provocation,” the defense minister said.

As Foreign Minister Jebbi Kofod (S) has been reported. And Jeppe Kofod wrote on Twitter, that he, in turn, had summoned the Russian ambassador to Denmark over the incident.

“It is completely unacceptable that Russian planes infiltrate Danish aviation even twice in one day. It is a deliberate act,” he said, as stated in the Foreign Minister’s declaration.

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