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New viral variant combining Delta and Omicron

Researchers in Cyprus have discovered a new strain of COVID-19 virus that combines two omicron and delta variants.

According to the researcher Leondius KostrikisProfessor of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus, a new strain of COVID-19 virus combining Omicron and Delta has been found in Cyprus. He writes Bloomberg.

In an interview with Sigma TV last Friday, Professor Leondios Kostrikis said that there is currently a co-infection between Omicron and Delta and that they have found a strain that is a mixture of the two. The new variant has been named ‘deltacron’ due to the omicron-like genetic signature found within the delta genome.

Reported to GISAID

Leondios Kostrikis identified 25 cases infected with the novel virus variant, and statistical analysis showed that the relative frequency of co-infection is higher among people with Covid virus who are hospitalized compared to people with Covid virus who have not been hospitalized.

On January 7, information about the new deltacron variant was submitted to the international database that tracks all changes in the virus, GISAID. The future will show whether the new variant is more contagious or more deadly than previous virus variants, and whether it will survive, but the professor Leondios Kostrikis personally believes that the more contagious omicron variant will replace the new variant.

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