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Neymar responds to the sirens of the Princes’ Garden… with two stories on Instagram

Neymar responds to the sirens of the Princes’ Garden… with two stories on Instagram

The Brazilian, who was reprimanded by the crowd at the Parc des Princes on Sunday during PSG-Bordeaux, delivered two messages on social networks.

Since Paris Saint-Germain’s elimination in the Champions League, the capital’s players have been heavily criticized by football watchers as well as their fans.

On Sunday during the Girondin de Bordeaux reception, all the Paris Saint-Germain players whistled, except for Kylian Mbappe when their names were announced by Parc des Princes announcer. Two players crystallized this heavy atmosphere and were particularly annoyed by the Parisian public. It’s about Lionel Messi and Neymar whistling profusely every time they take the ball.

There is no direct reference to the whistles of the Paris Saint-Germain supporters

The owner of the second Parisian goal against Bordeaux (3-0), the Brazilian responded to these whistles through two stories published on his Instagram account. He first shared the story Luis Suarez had posted in support of his former Barcelona teammates. “As always, football has no memory. Always with you! I love you so much !“, Suarez wrote in a story (an ephemeral post) on Instagram with a photo of him appearing in the evening alongside Messi and Neymar, and also booed on Sunday. After that, the number 10 of PSG is delivered to God in a more mystical message “All honor and glory be to you, O Godbefore posting a picture where he stands next to his father and son, as well as the latter’s little brother:Glad to see you all well and happy. This is what keeps me going and keeps me goings. According to the Spanish press, the Brazilian player would have taken advantage of the day of rest given this Monday by Mauricio Pochettino to join Barcelona from the final whistle for Paris SG-Bordeaux.

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