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Night-time coup attempt in Niger fails | Currently Africa | D.W.

Two days before the official inauguration of the new president in Niger, a shooting took place around the presidential palace. That’s what DW reporter Abdulkarim Mahamadu says. Government spokesman Abdurrahmane Zakaria announced that three lorries with heavy armed troops had been towed in front of the Presidential Palace in the capital, Niamey, at around 3am on Wednesday. However, after a half-hour gun battle with the Presidential Guard, the attackers abandoned.

Air Force officer Sang Saleh Kou Rusa is considered to be the driving force behind the conspiracy. Zakaria explained that the situation in the country is now back under control. Many have been arrested and others are wanted. The situation is under control.

The spokesman described the coup attempt as “a cowardly and reactionary attempt to undermine the rule of law and the rule of law that our country firmly guarantees”. This commitment was also demonstrated in the recent presidential election, from which government candidate Mohammad Fazlum emerged victorious.

The U.S. embassy suspended its diplomatic activities until further notice and recommended that U.S. citizens remain at home. The French embassy advised its citizens not to leave their homes.

The opposition leader claims to have won the election

On Friday, Niger’s new president, Mohamed Fazlum, will take office. The former foreign minister was declared the winner by the Election Commission with nearly 56 percent of the vote. Challenger and former President Mahamane Usman, on the other hand, talks about election fraud and claims victory. However, the Constitutional Court upheld Pasum’s victory.

The opposition announced the protest on Wednesday. The people gathered in front of parliament to demand the victory of Usman and the release of opposition leader Hama Amado and other prisoners.

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Meanwhile, Niamey-based legal scholar Pacchiro Amado Adamu criticized the international community for not taking the opposition’s struggles seriously after the election, but pretending to see nothing about the post-election crisis in Niger. So the coup attempt is a warning, “this is news not only to the new government, but to the international community,” he said in an interview with Automotive Deutsche Welle. Most often, “electoral conflicts in Africa are referred to the international community rather than local arbitrators”.

Speculations about coups

Meanwhile, speculation continues as to who may be behind the coup attempt. “It’s not yet clear,” said Thomas Schiller, head of Deutsche’s Conrad-Adinaur-Stiftung (KAS) regional Sahel project. “There are different reports from Niamey. Sometimes it is said that an Air Force officer is in command and other parts of the army are behind it. According to the information I have received, it seems to have been restored. We can only talk about this in the next few days.”

Schiller pointed out that the African country had been in a very precarious situation for many months “due to a very dramatic security situation”. “Recently there was a three-day state mourning over new attacks in the west of the country.” Niger “has been facing terrorist groups for many years now in the eastern part of the country, in the Lake Chad region.”

Thomas Schiller, President of the KAS Sahel Regional Project

Due to this security situation, the situation is already tense, said expert D.W. “Many Nigerians accuse the government under President Mohamed Issoufou of not using all means to improve the situation. It is mainly about fraud by the Ministry of Defense, and there are allegations of fraud.”

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Isafo has no third installment

Schiller continued, “It is important that President Isfoza does not stand for a third term according to the constitution, but does not run on a regular basis. Therefore, in my view, the existing opposition forces should keep an eye on the security situation and present your protests in court and peacefully.”

Asked why the controversy was sparked against incumbent President Mohamed Fazlum, an employee of the Adinavar Foundation commented. He comes from an extreme minority of Arab descent, which is basically a good sign that even a member of a small ethnic group can become president in such a diverse country. ” Pasoom was the Minister of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs. It should be stated as follows: “Bazum is considered a close follower of former President Izou Fu, so it is a continuation of the current government. Change in power.”

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