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Nintendo, don’t listen to the dreaded JPGAMES.DE

On the occasion of the soon expected announcement of the “Nintendo Switch Pro”, the following text is being updated once again. Of course, it is arguable. Enjoy!

Origin from March 2021:

Right now, I’ve read a lot about the fact that Nintendo shouldn’t be developing a new console. The best you can do is simply build a Nintendo on a Nintendo Switch, where the concept eventually proved itself. innovation? Why, no please, thank you! I can understand this opinion very well, I already wrote a column on it myself. But I have another perspective that I want to get rid of today.

Nintendo, these brakes don’t stop innovating. Of course, the Nintendo Switch is successful and proven. But if that’s a standard to not allow for more innovations, we’ll wave with Wiimote 3 today and still swear by the motion control of the new Zelda. Probably very few of you would have wanted it, too.

We have enough of the “best” and too little of the “difference.”

Just let Nintendo do what it’s been doing for over 130 years. Doodling and invention. Fear of innovations and the stranger is of course deeply human, but what should we be afraid of? Aren’t we getting any new super quality games? Yes, the lack of new video games has been evident for a long time. No. Rather, it is the lack of innovative video games. Aren’t we complaining at the same time about the countless remanufactures and transformers that await us each month?

Why should Nintendo slow down here? Innovative new devices will also provide new and innovative ways to play. It is given to other console manufacturers, just always Best But not only to become Different. Of course, Sony should be commended for continuing to play virtual reality games, even though the PlayStation VR was nothing but a sales success. Microsoft also has features like the adaptive console. But these are all console tools. We already have that the next console will be even better. Let’s at least let Nintendo do the following console differently.

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Even the biggest gaming flops made great games

Anyway, look at the past. Even in times of unprecedented flip-flopping for the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo has great games like Super Mario 3D World and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which is now credited to the Switch) delivered.

There was Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors, Pokémon Tekken, and Super Mario Maker. Do not forget about Bayonetta 2. These games and many more have tried on Wii U, and above all, survived, many players are still experiencing it today for the famous first time. If such a line represents the danger we have to take with a new Nintendo console, phew. But, I’m scared. And that could continue with the next worst-selling consoles (by sales) the GameCube and the Nintendo 64. And no, we’re not going back to the virtual boy.

Transformer 2 will have a good chance of failure in the medium term

But I would also like to suggest a thesis from another direction. And it’s the one that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be as promising as everyone thinks. I think Switch 2 will technically disconnect very quickly and it won’t work in the long run. The burden of not being able to keep up with PS4 and Xbox One already falls on the Nintendo Switch. And these are the penultimate generation hardware, if you want to include the technically better PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Chances are good that the Nintendo Switch 2, technically speaking, may not catch up with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series. This also means that publishers and developers will find it increasingly difficult to co-develop the Switch. If the Switch 2 comes out, Sony and Microsoft may return in the first middle generation and the gap will widen even further.

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For now, momentum is talking about the Nintendo Switch. But who said it stays that way? The video game world has probably seen enough of the “Switch” concept, which the Switch Lite actually took to tinkering anyway.

Hence the Switch 2 is just the worst console technically.

There are enough things that Nintendo could change. For example, you should urgently stop taking video games out of production and the Nintendo eShop after a certain period of time. But what Nintendo shouldn’t change: having innovative ideas and the courage to implement them. Even if they fail.

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