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Nintendo Park is already building a Donkey Kong expansion

The Super Nintendo World theme park has already opened in Japan, but that doesn’t mean that business has stopped. In fact, it is clear that an important area is being prepared next to the park, the theme of which is Donkey Kong.

As reported by the media Chronicle video gameHowever, the Donkey Kong expansion is under construction, although neither Universal nor Nintendo has made an official announcement about it. But judging by the images that have appeared on social networks, there are actually cranes and construction works in the areas around Mario World in Osaka, Japan.

early july

The fourth sign is in the east and west, right?

– Crack 🐭 @Theme Park Dirt (Hibirobo_Disney) 17 July 2021

These photos reveal that the Donkey Kong area will have something to do with the forest and that there will be some type of rollercoaster ride, which makes a lot of sense considering that Donkey Kong Country They had one of their highest points in levels transported on mine-type carts.

In the same way, the original report states that the idea of ​​adding the world of Donkey Kong to Nintendo’s theme park dates back a few years and that some clues about it appeared in the theme park’s mobile app. These tracks gain even more power when in the same segment there is a locked door that cannot be opened yet and the design is very similar to what was seen in the Donkey Kong titles.

Super Nintendo World opened its doors in early 2021, after several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are other similar Universal parks being built in the United States, but it will take a few years before you can receive them to the public.

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