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Nord Stream clips on Biden spread: ‘Bullshit’

A clip of Joe Biden talking about Nord Stream went viral.

On social media, it is related to the sabotage of gas pipelines.

But according to American expert Jan Hallenberg, this is “complete nonsense.”

– I think the interpretation of Biden’s statement is strange, he says.

Scientists and leaders agree that there are many indications that someone has sabotaged the pipelines at Nord Stream 1 and 2.

But so far it is not clear who or who is behind the possible attack.

On social media, many highlighted a quote from the President of the United States Joe Biden Before the invasion of Ukraine:

– If Russia invades … there will be no Nord Stream 2. We will make sure to stop it, says Biden in the clip.

The clip starts on February 7, 2022 It has now spread so widely on the Internet that many believe Biden and the United States had something to do with the Nord Stream 1 and 2 sabotage.

From the clip on Joe Biden.
From the clip on Joe Biden.

But it is unlikely that there will be any links between Biden’s statement and the now-broken gas pipelines, according to Jan Hallenberg, senior research advisor at the Foreign Policy Institute.

– I have studied US and US foreign policy for 43 years. I think the interpretation of Biden’s statement is strange, it’s just nonsense, he says.

Indicates the gas line is closed

Jan Hallenberg.
Jan Hallenberg.

According to Jan Hallenberg, Joe Biden’s statement about Nord Stream refers to economic and political measures – not that he explicitly means to destroy gas pipelines.

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– Biden indicates that they will not accept the liberation of the gas pipeline in the event of an invasion of Russia. It was later reported by German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, Jan Hallenberg says, that they were not going to put the bullets in.

In February, Germany announced that it would halt the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Biden is the talkative type who often expresses himself inaccurately. He does not consider that what he says can be interpreted in different ways by people who do not understand the context, continues Jan Hallenberg.

‘It is unlikely that the United States will be behind’

Jan Hallenberg also says that you should always consider who the sender is and the purpose of posting clips online.

– When you see such things on the Internet, you can think about who has an interest in spreading it, and why it is spreading. Jan Hallenberg says there are many people who have an interest in steering things to the disadvantage of Biden.


– I cannot guarantee 100% that the United States is not behind the sabotage. But I think it is very unlikely that they will want to destroy their friends and allies in Northern Europe. I can not understand it. However, there are other conceivable reasons why other actors support her.

Gala in 2010 when Nord Stream construction began.
Gala in 2010 when Nord Stream construction began.