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Sport should be equal for all.

Sport should be equal for all.

The Norwegian Ski Federation announced during Wednesday that it has no plans to attend a meeting with the International Ski Federation (FIS). This also invited representatives of Russia and Belarus to attend the meeting.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was banned from international tournaments in most sports, and it seemed that sporting sanctions might increase (even the Islamic Salvation Front was opened to receive Russian and Belarusian skaters). Among other things, Latvia considered a solution to prevent players from signing contracts with the Russian Hockey League KHL.

Now President Vladimir Putin is angry at the way Russia is being treated in the world of sport.

Putin: “Sports and politics do not belong together”

I note that strict sanctions against our country affect many areas, including elite sports. “Russian practitioners lose the opportunity to represent their country, and Russia is ignored in international organizations and associations,” Putin wrote in a statement. On the Kremlin website.

Putin believes that the actions of the outside world contradict the basic principles of sport.

“Sports should be equal for all, and sports and politics should not belong to each other,” Putin wrote.

The context of Putin’s statement is the upcoming X International Forum, where representatives will gather and discuss the future of Russian sport.

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