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North Korea attack – sends debris balloons across the border

North Korea attack – sends debris balloons across the border

So far, more than 250 white balloons filled with garbage have been found in eight of South Korea's nine provinces. The military is working with local police offices to recover the balloons to find out exactly what they contain.

So far, the army has found, among other things, booster bottles, batteries, old shoes and in some cases waste, the news agency reported. Yonhap.

He added, “North Korea's actions represent a clear violation of international law. “We call on North Korea to immediately stop its inhumane and vulgar actions,” the military wrote in a statement.

The public is asked to stay away from the balloons and not touch them at all. On Tuesday evening, South Koreans in several cities, especially those living in border areas, received text messages urging them to stay home, she wrote. BBC.

Photo: South Korean Ministry of Defense/AFP

Use balloons Communicating via letters with those living on the other side of the border is something both North and South have long used. The new North Korean balloon campaign appears to be a response to South Korean activists sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border.

The activists' balloons also contained banned items, USB devices containing South Korean music and other items that North Korea described as “unwanted.”

North Korean Deputy Defense Minister Kim Kang Il said last week that quantities of garbage and dirt will soon spread in the border areas of South Korea, and they will experience for themselves how difficult it is to clean it.

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