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Norway’s director of infection control supports the rapid spread of infection

The spread of COVID-19 in Norway has accelerated in recent weeks. According to the country’s public health authority, nearly 350 people infected with covid-19 are now being cared for in hospital.

But Norway’s director of infection control, Frode Forland, is now backing away from previous forecasts, which warned that between 90,000 and 300,000 people could be infected with the virus every day.


Forland thinks expectations are not realistic. According to him, it depends on the worst case scenario of what the difference could look like if no action is taken at all, but it still shows the gravity of the situation.

– On top of that these numbers have been obtained. It’s not a realistic account, it shows what would happen if you let such an infectious variant like omikron spread freely in society without measures, he says Aftonbladet.

new restrictions

The rapid spread of covid-19 in Norway is largely due to the spread of the new virus mutation omikron. In an effort to curb the development, Norway has, among other things, introduced a ban on alcohol sales in bars and restaurants and a recommendation to work from home and limit their social contacts.

A maximum of 20 people are allowed at public indoor events without fixed assigned seats and a maximum of 50 people are allowed when there are fixed seats.

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