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Norwegian puzzle with a dead body in the window

Published on 2024-04-13 17.26

The body was recovered farther north in the Barents Sea.

A Norwegian fishing boat made a strange catch.

A body lying in the net.

The body has not yet been identified.

Reports said that during Friday evening Norwegian police were alerted to the coast and sea outside Tromsø VG.

The fishing boat MS Kongsfjord, which was farther north in the Barents Sea, received a dead body in its trawl.

– It is, of course, an unpleasant experience, says Eldar Farstad, director of the company to which the fishing boat belongs, to the newspaper.

The identity of the deceased person has not been identified.

“Many missing in the area”

Police confirmed that the boat recovered a body.

– There are several people missing in the area, but it is several nautical miles from the sea and a large area. “Many borders are crossed here,” Rune Nielsen, operations commander for the Troms police district, tells VG.

The newspaper reported that the police did not specify exactly how many people were reported missing.

Coming into port Sunday night

He says the police will take care of the dead man when the boat arrives at Hammerfest on Sunday evening.

– It is likely that the Troms police district will investigate this matter further, says mission leader Rune Nielsen to the newspaper, which has no further information about the body.