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Boarding of an Israeli-owned cargo ship to Iran – Israel warns of escalation

The AP obtained a video showing the boarding process, in which several militants are lowered between containers on the ship.

The ship was detained by “regional authorities”, according to the British Navy, which reported the attack early Saturday morning.

Official Iranian news agencies announced that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized “a cargo ship with links to the Zionist regime.” This was confirmed by an “informed source.” The ship is said to have been transferred to Iranian territorial waters.

An Israeli-owned company

A Middle Eastern military source told the Associated Press that Iran was behind the attack, which also finds some support in the fact that the helicopter used by the attackers is of a model used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The approximately 360-metre-long cargo ship is reported to be sailing under the Portuguese flag, but is owned by a company affiliated with the Israeli billionaire. Eyal Ofer.

The last time the ship indicated its position was on Friday when it was in Dubai, and boarding must have taken place on the other side of the strait in the Gulf of Oman. It is not unusual for ships linked to Israel – which risk becoming targets of Iran-linked attacks – to turn off their transponders when passing through the narrow Strait of Hormuz.

An attack is expected

The attack comes at a time when Israel and its allies expect a major Iranian attack against Israeli targets.