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Novak Djokovic loses 0:2, but advances to Wimbledon semifinals

Novak Djokovic loses 0:2, but advances to Wimbledon semifinals

Djokovic played his toughest match at Wimbledon this year. For three hours and 36 minutes he fought the 20-year-old Italian Jannik Sinner. But at the decisive moment, he did not disappoint.

The first set revealed no problems for the six-time Wimbledon winner. Bavi started the game badly. Djokovic took advantage of Italy’s weakness and hesitation at key moments. The Serb was already leading 4:1 and had a break point at 5:1. The competitor, 14 years his junior, defended himself with serve.

This was a turning point on the set. Bavi tried. Djokovic started making surprising errors. The Italian played very confidently, consistently and well.

A few minutes later, he beat the defender of the title two years ago and easily won the game with his pass. It was 4:4 instead of 5:1. Bavi was clearly on a roll. Very coolly, he understood that he was facing a great opportunity. He used her. He lost only one gem. Within an hour, he won the set 7:5.

In four matches at Wimbledon this year, Djokovic lost two sets – in the first round against the Korean Soonwoo Kwonem and the fourth with the Dutch I have time in Rijthoven. He never lost two sets in any match. Even if there were small crises – he succeeded with self-confidence. He seemed to have more serious problems with Bavi.

In the second set, the Serbian could not deal with his opponent playing very fair. Bavi confirmed the higher service form. He could have won the games he passed – without losing the first two points.

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He was also surprised to be seeded in the “Ones” returns. He beat Djokovic twice. He won the second set easily. He gave two games. Emotion was in the air.

The Serb has a lot to lose. It is not known whether he will start at the US Open, having not won a Grand Slam this year. Wimbledon will be his only chance to win a series of highly prestigious tournaments.

In the third set, he played without any stress. As if nothing bad had happened before. He changed the rhythm, put pressure on his opponent, forced him to make a mistake. He exuded confidence, routine and experience.

He broke his opponent’s serve in the fourth game. He took his first set of balls 5:2. He didn’t use them. But he easily closed out the set with his own serve in the next game.

It’s another Djokovic. He is the favorite to win not only the tournament but also the competition. In the fourth set, the 20-year-old Italian quickly gained a safe advantage. He led 4-0, although the two games in which he beat Sinner were very tight.

Italy did not give up. He won what he could and tried to win the game by countering a respectable opponent’s pass. He almost finished the match early. Break point 5-2, he falls to the net. He grabbed his ankle. Djokovic was scared. He walked to the other side of the net. Bavi got up, limped, and gestured that he would continue playing. However, he lost this match 2:6.

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The tennis players played four sets in three hours. The fifth was shorter, lasting almost 40 minutes. Djokovic served his break point immediately. It was 2:1 for the Serbian and then 3:1.

The recent leader of the charts played freely, laid back and occasionally revealed himself with audience-pleasing plays. He could have been on his way to victory. He broke Sinner’s serve once again (at 5:2). He won the last game without losing a single point.

Djokovic confirmed his top class with this match. He is the best candidate to play in the final and win the entire tournament.

Olgerd Kwiatkowski

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