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Now all podcasters will be able to add a video to their episodes – Diario La Página

In July 2020, Spotify announced what is today a video podcast, a streaming service that began selecting several programs so that they could test the new feature on their channels within the platform.

According to the Music app, this tool is useful as “fans can get to know their favorite podcast hosts better and content creators can connect more deeply with their fans.”

Well, thinking about increasing traffic for this format, Spotify has decided to open access to all those who want to transfer their podcast to video, whether they are already working with one or thinking about creating it.

“We’re keen to get videos into the hands of all creators, but for now, we’re looking for something specific from well-known creators: video content that is easily sponsored (which means fans can stop watching the video but still receive value from listening to it). In audio format only), the message that Spotify gave a few months ago was; It seems that this “Easily Sponsored Content” has already been found, so they decided to expand it to the whole world on October 21.

As for how this new format can be monetized, Spotify has made it clear that all creators who want to monetize their content will be able to do so with subscriptions that their followers can get to gain perks over those who keep listening. Or watch the content for free.

This is how video files work

Podcasts are one of the most successful formats on Spotify with over 2.2 million channels that can reach over 345 million active users of the platform every month.

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Therefore, the transition to video was a challenge that was required, as explained by the developers of Spotify themselves.

Thus, the process that enables creators to make the transition from audio to video is simple; All you need is a camera to record which space is being broadcast at all times.

In short, what people have to do is upload the video of their podcast to Anchor (Spotify’s platform), and immediately the recording will be uploaded to their Spotify channel where it will be synced with the regular podcast.

On the other hand, for viewers, if they want to watch a video broadcast, they should not do a different process than what has already been done with audio podcasts. You just have to go into the Spotify app and find the channel you want to interact with. Within this, you just have to choose a loop.

when you open it, The video will start playing when you click or tap the Play button. Thus, for example, on mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets), a static image is no longer shown with the default image by the podcaster, but is now replaced by the video that starts playing on the mentioned thumbnail. If you want to enlarge the image and cover the entire screen, just select this option within the video.

On the other hand, since it works with YouTube Premium, You don’t have to be inside Spotify to listen to the videoAlternatively, it is possible to leave the app to perform an activity in another app, and until then, the podcast audio will play in the background.

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