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Squid Game and Minecraft combine Rubius, AuronPlay, Ibai and other popular players

file image. | Credit: AuronPlay

Squid was undoubtedly one of the series that gave the most talk in recent times, since the proposal of a deadly and millionaire game undoubtedly attracted the attention of millions of people and thus became the most watched series on Netflix throughout history from the platform However, video games managed to gain It captured the best of history and offered a playable experience, allowing recreations or parodies of the popular series through some titles.

Within these video game mods, those for the Minecraft video game stand out, since there are many servers that have decided to add this game mode to the community; However, in recent days it seemed a certain experience, that is More than a hundred of the most influential Latino and Hispanic players decided to recreate the game competition for a real prize of $100,000.

This initiative is an effort between several global creators such as AuronPlay, Rubius and Komanche. On the part of the participants, there will be a total of 147 people who come from different countriesAmong them are the appearances of Ebay Janos (player 129), Fernán Flo (player 078), Oronplay (player 079), Rivers 33 (player 071), Amblitz (player 044), Juan Garnizo (player 069), Guilty (player 090) and Alcapone (Player 107).

The game as such consists of six days of tests that recreate some of the most famous dynamics in the series such as “green light, red light”; However, not all of them can be adapted perfectly and this is where the organizers get all their creativity, because although the first day passed normally (with the exception of a large number of discarded banners), the second day offered a completely different game. It was a game of “hide and seek” in which the participants had to escape and hide from the guards inspired by the series.

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The games don’t just stand out, because as in the series, the Waiting Room functions as a complete barracks where livestreamers talk and team up to eliminate the competition, which undoubtedly left some of the most popular games of the day.

Hackers stop streaming

On the third day of the “Twitch Rivals” event, which gathered an average of one million viewers, the Internet service of the Principality of Andorra, where some of the most influential players in the competition live, was subjected to a cyber attack that led to their exclusion, so the event had to be postponed until the situation normalized .

In the networks, it was Rubeus himself who announced that the sudden departure of all YouTubers and streamers from Andorra was due to a coordinated “DDOS” attack on the carrier.

Far from being a minor issue, the incident caused many contestants who were still in competition to automatically log out and also caused a sudden stop in their Twitch streams. It should be noted that it was not just a problem for influential people, because all the inhabitants of the region had problems with communication for a long time.

Faced with the problem, AuronPlay, one of the organizers who was also a victim of the attack, announced his disqualification for “trying to avoid further attacks” and also stated that they would take legal action against this fact “(involving) five or six years in prison, so I ask that person: Think. Think and come to the conclusion whether what you are doing is good and will contribute something to you. Because I think it only brings problems,” he explained during the broadcast after the service was restored.

The game is currently in its fifth day of competition with some announced actions, because in the event of another cyber attack, all of the disconnects must unfortunately be disqualified.

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