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Old gaming brands benefit from Xbox Game Pass and can be revived • JPGAMES.DE

Old gaming brands benefit from Xbox Game Pass and can be revived • JPGAMES.DE

The Xbox Game Pass It not only offers games from Xbox Game Studios for publication, but also very old and outdated games from time to time. Jim “Why should anyone play this” Ryan (jokingly, apologizing) might find this boring, but Phil Spencer thinks it’s valuable.

in conversation with Kinda Funny Gamecast (Across VGCExplains that older games can benefit from appearing on Xbox Game Pass. If you see how many players have gone back to these old gaming brands, it will be easier to revive them or direct new series input through them. He cites Fable Reboot as an example.

“Data to think about things”

Spencer was specifically asked if older games in Game Pass might offer incentives to restart franchises. “Sure,” said Spencer. “Take Prey, a great game in my opinion when it came out. A lot of people missed it,” Spencer says.

“When we see more and more people playing something like Prey or Dishonored, or going back to Fable – people are talking [wieder] about these games. Then that gives us data to think about things we can capture and move forward with new teams and ideas,” says Spencer.

Game Pass is a great resource for that. Spencer also highlighted joining Bethesda and their games. But he also called a rare re. You want to “stick with it,” says Spencer.

And if you’ve looked at some of the latest announcements from Xbox Game Studios, you know that Microsoft is already “on” it. In addition to the Fable reboot, a new Perfect Dark game has also been announced. Microsoft Flight Simulator and Battletoads are also already categorized in this category.

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Well, what old brand of games will Xbox revive next? If you’re serious about it, you should probably start another old game or game on Game Pass. Banjo-Kazooie is also on Xbox Game Pass.

Pictures: Banjo Kazooie, Microsoft Studios