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Oleznik came in person with Kwasniewski.  He revealed the secret of Lukashenko.  Nothing to talk about - Super Express

Oleznik came in person with Kwasniewski. He revealed the secret of Lukashenko. Nothing to talk about – Super Express

Author: EastNews (2)

This time Monica Oleznik hosted Alexander Kwasnevsky on the show “Kropka Not I”. This time the former president appeared in person, which clearly pleased the TVN24 journalist. In recent months, he has conducted lengthy interviews. Former President Monica Olejnik spoke with others about what is happening in Belarus. On the show, he revealed that he knew Alexander Lukashenko. What is the President of Belarus really like? This was revealed by Alexander Kwasnevsky in “Kropka Not I”.

Today’s Guest at “Kropka Not I” hosted by Monica Olegnik Alexander Kwasnevsky. Due to recent events, the journalist and his correspondent certainly could not ignore the Belarusian title. – I had the opportunity to meet Lukashenko a while ago, the former president said and revealed something unknown to outsiders. This is really the regime leader in Belarus. – In my opinion, a man with such dynamic moods. He is already in his frustration and not knowing what to do next, I get more and more of the impression that he is in such a mental web. He does terrible, stupid and dangerous things, and this situation could get worse – said Kwasniewski. Oilnick She asked him who could keep Lukashenko. – Putin must be against the street and be strong for Belarusian society, where there will be real changes – he replied. Kwasnevsky also spoke about Polish politics in the context of the early elections. Is this a realistic view in his opinion? – In my opinion, early elections are very possible. Because the whole idea of ​​the New Testament and this campaign surrounding the New Testament proves that this is probably the plan. There is no point in doing this big campaign two years before the election. No one will remember the new order, or all of this. So I guess next spring is a real possibility, this new order is a campaign, the beginning of an election campaign – he said. Alexander Kwasnevsky Monica Olegnik on TVN24.

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