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Olivia Wilde, 10-year-old junker opens up about her relationship with Harry Styles: "I don't care what others think"

Olivia Wilde, 10-year-old junker opens up about her relationship with Harry Styles: “I don’t care what others think”

When the rumors came out at the beginning of the year About the love of Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, The media was in turmoil. The actress broke off her engagement with her longtime partner a few months ago. Jason Sudakis. The couple had been together for seven years and had two children together. There were reports in the tabloids that Sudekis He was simply devastated at the news of his ex-girlfriend’s new partner. Styles were also criticized Breaking the relationship of the elect.

Although some are good for the relationship Olivia Wilde I Harry Ego Stylesa, Actress and composer still couple. Lovers occasionally appear together in public, and they were even caught a few months ago Sensitivity transfer while walking in LA However, until now, they have consistently refrained from commenting on their coverage in the media. Wilde recently decided to make an exception. Actress The American “Vogue” appeared on the cover of the January issue And was interviewed for the “Fashion Bible”.

This conversation raised a controversial topic that arose from the very beginning of the relationship between Wild and Styles. In particular, how harshly the media treated the actress mentioned here is almost slanderous “A woman over the age of 30 will have the courage to seek love with a man under the age of ten”. Nevertheless, Wilde agreed to “Vogue”. That he did not want to comment yet Confusion in his relationship with the 27-year-old musician.

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The actress did not hide that she is currently very happy and therefore will not worry about third party comments.

Over the past ten years, as a community, we have placed more emphasis on the opinions of strangers than on those closest to us. I’m happier than I ever was. And healthier than ever, and feeling so much better – He added in an interview.

Harry Styles has the same attitude to personal matters as his girlfriend. The composer said this in an interview with “Dassette” magazine a few weeks ago “He always tried to separate his personal life from his professional life.”


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