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Monika Miller

Monica Miller showed a photo from the hospital. “Sometimes it gets worse for a while”

Author: WBF

Monica Miller was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. He informed about his health through Instagram. Leszek Miller’s granddaughter is still in hospital and is writing a message to fans. How is she?

Monica Miller One of those people who does not like to bend reality. It is true that the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Lesek Miller often publishes photos processed by filters, but she delights in throwing away what is in the natural version.

It deals with social issues and does not agree with ubiquitous hatred. Thanks to her attitude, she gained a large fan base. The talented Monica is involved not only in modeling but also in music.

However, now his professional duties have to be set aside. A few days ago, he was admitted to the hospital.

Monica Miller goes to the hospital! “No jokes with health”

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Monica Miller at the hospital

Monica Miller frequently raises health issues on her social media. It is no secret that the woman is struggling with many problems. Recently, she showed her stomach after taking steroids, which looks like a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Several days have passed and Miller is still in the hospital. His photo appeared on Instagram, in which he posed in front of the hospital door. How is she? She explained everything in the post:

Thanks for the many kinds of news from you! You are loved, you give me a lot of strength ❤️❤️❤️ I heartily congratulate you, I hope Sometimes it gets worse for a while and then it gets better நம்ப Hope to see you soon.

We wish you good health and return home soon!

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