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On fire against the Lakers, Lamelo slams unheard of all time!

If the game against the Lakers ended in a loss, the LaMelo Ball didn’t have much to be ashamed of with the hit. On the contrary, Hornet released a performance unique in the history of the league! So there is no limit to what he can do…

Collectively, the night was disappointing for the LaMelo Ball, as Charlotte lost to Los Angeles (126-123 after overtime). However, we cannot say that this was the fault of the commander, who made an impeccable look on the grounds of the Staples Center. Despite a little wastage (8/19 shot), Lonzo’s brother signed an impressive hat-trick against the Californians:

LaMelo Ball breaks a new speed record

So it was a major performance, and even a historic outing signed by the Player of the Year winner. Already the youngest player ever to sign a double triple, LaMelo is now also the first player to score 25 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists in a single match! It’s about 250 days ahead of a certain day Luka DoncicWhich owns most of the major brands in the field so far:


We can also note that the technical staff heard the player, After sparking a big controversy against the Clippers. This time, he played a minimum of 10 minutes in money time plus the entire extension. If he keeps playing like this, it should become a habit for him! What sets it apart anyway is a feast for the eyes:

LaMelo ball never ceases to impress, and to say this is only the beginning…if it continues like this, we wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte finds herself top of the league in the mid-term!