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OnePlus Ace czyli Realme

OnePlus will release another clone. This time Realme

OnePlus is making a new phone. It is a pity that the OnePlus Ace is actually nothing more than a copy of the Realme GT Neo3.

OnePlus is losing its independence. Recently, we announced that OnePlus is planning to release its foldable smartphone, which is actually no different than the Oppo Find N. name. Technically, it will be the same.

It has now been revealed that OnePlus plans to copy another brand of smartphone from the PPK Electronics Army. However, this time it’s about Realme. However, exactly, Fr. Realme GT Neo3.

OnePlus Ace, or … Realme

OnePlus is releasing a smartphone OnePlus Ace. Until now, phones under this name have been released by Oppo. All three brands (Oppo, OnePlus and Realme) are owned by BBK Electronics and have a common governing body. Everything stays in the family. The customer can buy the same model with the logo they want.

The device will have a system MediaTek Dimensionality8100. We will see a diagonal scene there 6,7 Gala And refreshing 120 Hz. Will be the main camera 50 Mpix And optical image stabilization. However, the battery is still capable 4500 mAh Thanks to the 150W technology.

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Photo source: weibo

Text source: weibo via gsmarena

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