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Jonah Koronievska showed a photo from the hospital.  Moving words - o2

Jonah Koronievska showed a photo from the hospital. Moving words – o2

Jonah Koronievska and Masjid Dawbor went down a very difficult path. When they tried to have the baby, fate kept throwing at their feet. The actress told the public that she had had five miscarriages.

Still, she did not lose hope that she would be able to have a baby. She currently plays the mother of two daughters, Janina and Helena.

Despite the occasional commotion and sparks between us, we were able to build a nice, close family! And we have no right to complain about anything … at least today! But this family needed a lot of fights from us to be complete! Just because some things aren’t spoken out loud doesn’t mean they didn’t happen! Time (though not completely) heals wounds and allows you to access difficult topics with the right distance and results! After all, traumatic experiences, which ended with a happy ending, make you realize that you can help and strengthen others who are now in a similar situation! – Koronievska writes on Instagram.

Photo of Koronievska from the hospital. “I do not feel strong”

A photo of the hospital shows how Jonah Koronievska’s hand is pressed by her husband, Massie Dowfer. The actress decided to describe the difficult experiences in order to give strength to other women who are struggling with similar issues.

Viva has now appeared, in which I share with you for the first time what made me cry alone at a good time. I don’t want to talk about it, but I always know it is worth it! Despite the constant trials and tribulations, even if one of you thinks that you do not have the strength – remember that this is not true !!! you can! Even if doctors say it doesn’t work – always look for new solutions !!! And do not give up completely! (…) Remember that strength is in us! Let’s fight for our dreams! To the end !!!! – Underlines Koronievska.

She also addresses her husband who was very supportive of her. “I would not have gone through all this without the support of my husband. Guys are different. Apparently closed often, but I know one thing for sure – I got tremendous support from him !! maciej_dowbor I will always remember those moments when we had the hardest fight in our lives for our youngest miracle !! I also know that I would not have gained so much strength without you and your support !!!! I like it “- he concludes.

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