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Poland Cup. Sweet Scolvin – Legia Warsaw. Match Result 1/16 Final

Legia Warszawa has started a new chapter under the supervision of coach Marek Gołębiewski. A new coach has been appointed to replace Ceslov Michnivic, who was sacked on Monday after recording seven defeats in 10 league games in the 2021/2022 season. Gołębiewski met easily on paper when it came to his debut because the troops went to Skolvin’s Swit Stadium to face the team from the third league in the 1/16 final of the Polish Cup.

Only one goal in the first half

Don Scholvin is to be commended for playing in the first half. The benefit of Legia Warszawa was not much noticed for 45 minutes. The military had only 10 percent. More possession, and when it comes to attention-grabbing shots, was a 2-2 draw. By the end of the first half of the game, Dan’s defense had surrendered. Goalkeeper Lindsey Rose, the Legionnaires’ reserve defender, sent the ball into the goal after the parade.

Not more than Don Scolvin

Sweet Skolvin was not tired of missing a goal, and he went out to the half with an extra boost. The hosts had a great opportunity in 55 minutes. Unfortunately for them, the chaos in the penalty area of ​​Legia, one shot and two rebounds did not turn into a goal. One can expect a significant difference in technical training between the Polish champions and the third league team. Dan, meanwhile, played very well, even under pressure in midfield.

At the last minute, Dan lacked strength and accuracy, but Legia still couldn’t take advantage of this. The hosts organized themselves very well in self-defense so that the army could not target any resistance. The Polish champions did not tremble until the end, but considering such a big difference in the classes of the two teams, the way Kolipievsky’s players played was at least unbelievable. The match ended 1: 0 for Legia Warszawa.

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