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Kitchen revolutions at the "Marisica Cafe" in Myastko.  "Bistro Dominion Bond" :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

Kitchen revolutions at the “Marisica Cafe” in Myastko. “Bistro Dominion Bond” :: Magazine :: RMF FM after the arrival of Magda Kessler

Magda Kessler appears in Pomerania this time. Myastko and “Caviarnia Marisica”, which was renamed after the project. Were you able to save the premises and the relationships of the spouses? Did the revolution succeed? What happens after the “kitchen revolutions”?

Kopoti is not just a restaurant …

In a small town of 10 thousand people In Pomerania Campus running Spouses: 51-year-old Dorota and 54-year-old Marek. Marysieka Cafe in Miastko Mia Nime Economic problem. The owners run the restaurant For 25 years. There were parties, weddings, guests. some times Everything stopped. Problems on campus and Ktnie in contact. Dorota and Marek For 10 years, talking to each other was rare.

It just so happens that you have to cry. But you have to do it – The man will agree.

I hate it so much that sometimes I don’t even want to open my eyes in the morning – Argue the call.

First impression?

So Magda Kessler appears. Known throughout Poland “Creator of Taste and Style” Save the restaurant? She seemed to have finally figured it out Sweetie of Marisica Cafe. And on the cover Pizza, kebabs, casseroles ?! Not exactly …

He stinks so much I can’t come here. Acetone or butaprine. What an interest! Can women open the door because of the stench? – mwia.

The restaurant asked Motek I rubokrt. Why? She tried to remove the old ad we heard on the show “She lied.”. W Menu – Dinner! As you can see, Not very tasty. Magda Gessler has to deal with it. He goes to the basement. There is a kitchen in the basement. Clean. It’s nothing more than going to work. I didn’t do it Without throwing plates, But maybe it will come out straight …

Changes, changes, changes

What will change? Will be Convenient shop, Or protects, regional products on sale. IN List: Brown soup with trout, potato pancakes with goulash. “Marisika Cafe” Will become “Bistro Tajemnic Pool”. Atmosphere Forest, Pools, wake up. Official dinner and Delighted guests.

Will it survive?

Magda Kessler is back 2 months later. As 54-year-old Marek explains, this is very good. Time for judgment. Minor flaws, however Very good prices, it is very beautiful, so the house is warm, cozy. They recovered Further Relationships maonkw.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is full of love. The food is local and generous.

What happens after the program? “Tajemnic Bond Bistro” yet Works. Out of 118 reviews from Google, the average rating 3.8 stars.

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“Housewife”. After the arrival of Magda Kessler, “Potatoes or Potatoes?”. Will it survive?

“Chicken House” – After Kitchen Revolutions – “Potatoes or Potatoes?”. Did Magda Kessler save the restaurant? What happens after the program? Is the restaurant still running?

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