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Opole 2021: Gechrniak performed a part of Ciechowski.  "As long as we are alive, Poland is alive"

Opole 2021: Gechrniak performed a part of Ciechowski. “As long as we are alive, Poland is alive”

“As long as we are alive, Poland is alive” – With these words Edita Kourniak ended her show at the opening ceremony of the 58th National Polish Song National Festival in Opol. On the Opol stage, the artist performed the famous song “Do not for Poland” by Grecos Chichovsky: composer, lyricist, singer and musician who died of a heart attack on December 22, 2001 in Warsaw. Postoperative complication.

“What Edita Kourniak did with Grecos Chichowski’s song – total failure. This girl doesn’t know what she’s singing! Play. Yes, I like this song, the anthem came out from the World Cup. Unfortunately, I have to confirm the observations of previous speakers – weak opal, weak … opol song.

Earlier on Sopot, the piece was performed on stage by Mike Spock, who appeared in a sad stylization during the Top Sopot Festival 2021 event.

It is not possible to talk about the history of the new Polish culture without mentioning Chezovsky’s qualifications. The artist was declared a renowned composer of Polish music, and the song performed by Carnegie was one of the most important Polish works. “You Inquire About Poland” has been recorded with the Obivadel GC Band since 1988. The song is the second album from “Doug, Doug!” Added on.

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We may recall: a year ago, Tszhovsky’s ex-wife refused to attend the “Chance for Success” episode dedicated to her deceased husband. As she emphasized in the comment given to Onet at the time, Djokovic will certainly not be silent today about what is happening in Poland.

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“I do not agree with the spread of hatred and tolerance, lies and arrogance, unfortunately now a week on TV” – said Anna Skrobyszevska in an interview with Onel Kultura’s Amelia Tsarnovska.

National Festival of the 58th National Polish Song in Opol

The 58th National Festival of Polish Song began today in OpolIn it, the galaxy of Polish music stars participates. This year, the performances of others will be Marila Rodovich, Natalia Kukulska, Sylvia Kresszak, Cleo, Anna Terezovska, Justina Steskovska, Isabella Trozanovska. On the first day we will have fun at the concert “From Opal to Opol: Biggest Stars! Legendary Hits!” We will meet the brave ones this year who will take part in the “Introductions” competition.

Justina Steskovska was one of the performers who performed today on the first day of the national festival of the 58th National Polish Anthem in Oppol. The singer performed the song “Grande Walls Brillande” on the “Black Angel” set of the Polish music scene. This is a tribute to the artist who died on August 14, 2020.