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Opposition leader flees Nicaragua GP

Carmella Rogers, also known as Kitty Monterrey, has acquired dual citizenship – in the United States and Nicaragua – and last week the Electoral Commission, which has close ties to President Daniel Ortega’s government, decided to withdraw Nicaraguan citizenship. With only US citizenship, she risked deportation.

(Staying) It didn’t make sense, they would have me imprisoned or fired, says Rogers.

– He hid since last Friday. I was looking for a phased exit to get here safely. It was hard and I’m tired, but here I am.

long time in power

75-year-old Daniel Ortega, accused of increasingly authoritarian rule, has been in power since 2007.

Elections in the Central American country are scheduled for November 7.

Ortega’s government was subjected to US and European sanctions accusing him of committing human rights violations and repressing opposition figures. Ortega accuses the opposition of trying to overthrow him with the help of the United States.

More flee

In the past two months, more than 30 opposition politicians and activists, including several presidential candidates, have been arrested.

Meanwhile, the number of Nicaraguans seeking asylum in neighboring Costa Rica has increased. In July, 5,379 asylum applications were received from Nicaragua, according to the Costa Rican Migration Board. That’s triple what it was in May and the highest number since 2018, when Nicaragua was shaken by protests.

Spain announced Wednesday that it would recall its ambassador to Nicaragua as a result of the unrest. Nicaragua accuses Spain of interfering in “internal affairs”.