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The Taliban stormed a prison in Kandahar

For several days, the Taliban forces have been pushing Ghazni, 130 km south of Kabul, from several directions, and the movement claims that it now controls the city. A spokesman for the governor, Wahidullah Kalimzai, said Al Jazeera This is not true, but the news channel reporter says that Kalimzai has escaped.

– This is a big victory for the Taliban. There have been large-scale battles around the city of Ghazni for several days, and there have always been battles if another provincial capital falls, possibly Ghazni, says reporter Rob McBride.

Since last Friday Thus, the Taliban took control of ten capitals in the country’s 34 provinces. Heavy fighting is taking place in at least three other capitals, including Kandahar, about 10 miles from Pakistan.

In Kandahar in particular, the Taliban were said to have stormed the city’s largest prison, Sarbosa, and in one fell swoop “release” hundreds of prisoners. Sarbosa has been in recent decades an institution to hold convicted Taliban or other insurgents – the Taliban stormed it in a similar way in 2008 and in 2011 some 475 Taliban were released through a 350-meter tunnel dug.

Geographical location of Kandahar It is a focal point for those who accuse neighboring Pakistan of supporting Taliban terrorism and warlords – it was Kandahar that declared the newly founded Taliban its capital after its occupation in 1994. Under the hashtag #SanctionPakistan Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users are now expressing their anger at the southern archenemy.

“The Pakistani state was elected by fewer than 100,000 Taliban compared to Afghanistan’s population of 35 million Afghans. Today, Pakistan has an enemy in every Afghan home. Why doesn’t the Pakistani state choose to stand by the Afghan nation instead? Millions who have a lot of Commonalities with Pakistanis,” Afghan women’s rights activist Juma Forough wrote in Twitter.

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Pakistan’s Information Minister Fouad Chaudhry responded to the criticism, blaming corruption for the Afghan crisis. “The Afghan people and the United States should question the so-called leadership in Afghanistan, where the $2 trillion they received to build the country’s army has disappeared,” Choudary wrote. Twitter.

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