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Oral protection is an effective measure against the spread of COVID-19 according to a meta-study

Wearing a mouthguard, in addition to vaccination, may be the most effective measure against COVID-19, according to a global meta-analysis.

In a study published in British Medical Journal Referred to by Watchman, we have researchers from Monash University in Australia and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland reviewed more than 30 studies from around the world examining the effects of general non-pharmaceutical measures.

Their analysis leads to the conclusion that Wearing a mouthguard as a general measure gives a statistically significant reduction in infection with the virus by 53 percent, while physical distancing reduces infection by 25 percent.

The study reports that hand washing also reduces infection by 53 percent, but the number of studies in this case is not considered large enough to be able to draw any definitive conclusions.

Regarding the impact of measures such as quarantines, closures, closed borders and closing schools and workplaces, the researchers were unable to perform any detailed analyses. The reason is that studies in those areas have been done in very different ways and have reached very diverse conclusions.

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