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Therefore, your pet may feel mentally ill: “Unwanted behavior…”

Therefore, your pet may feel mentally ill: “Unwanted behavior…”

Have you ever noticed that your beloved fur is not quite as it used to be? It may be that your pet is not feeling well – and the cause may be closer than you think.

A new study shows: How your emotions affect your pet

A new research study is being reported in the insurance company sour, shows that pet owners’ feelings actually affect their pets. And the results showed that your anxiety also affects your animal.

Study led by prof Hans Lohe at the University of Helsinki and researched how individual personality traits and behaviors in humans and animals relate to insecure attachment.

Pet owner personality traits, such as poor mental health and neurotic personality, are associated with an anxiety-based attachment type, say the psychiatrist and PhD student. Ada Stoll who also worked on the study.

She explains that because animals like to seek contact, closeness, and interaction, they are also influenced by whether or not you are avoidant.

Avoidant attachment owners have dogs that display unwanted behavior, such as impulsiveness, inattention, or even aggression. Unwanted fear-related behavior in the dog is in turn linked to an anxiety-based attachment style.

Finally, Ståhl says that the quality of the relationship between humans and pets also affects public life in general.

– The quality of the bond between humans and animals has a significant impact on life together. Knowing these connections can, in turn, help make choosing a suitable pet easier.