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Ossenkopp becomes a backup professional and data coach

Ossenkopp becomes a backup professional and data coach

German handball club Hamburg has extended his contract with Lukas Osenkop. As the club announced on Thursday, the 29-year-old backcourt player and co-captain will only be available as a reserve professional from next season and will instead take over duties in coach Torsten Jansen’s squad. Ossenkop, who with the third-tier team Hamburg promoted to the Bundesliga, will serve as a data and performance coach in the future.

HSVH also announced Thursday that it has partnered with an Australian data analytics firm through to 2026. With the help of tight-fitting jackets, player data should be collected, training improved and injury risks reduced. The junior sector should also benefit from cooperation. The necessary equipment is already being used in the current series.

“From a player’s point of view, it’s the end of my career, but we all know how it always happens. If you need, I’m always ready to help,” said Ussenkop, who is currently suffering from a shoulder injury. Also in the first leg on Sunday (4:05pm / Sky) it will not be available against SC DHfK Leipzig.

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