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Otook.  Uedermager burned at 32 Magwa Street, 60 firefighters caught fire

Otook. Uedermager burned at 32 Magwa Street, 60 firefighters caught fire

At night, a fire broke out at Świdermajer on Majowa Street in Otwock. 60 firefighters fought the fire for several hours, but the building was not saved – unless it burned during the fire it was later dismantled.

The fire broke out around 2.40 am on 32 Magwa Street. – Upon the arrival of the firefighters, it turned out that the building, whose area is about 25 by 12 meters, was completely engulfed in flames. There was too much heat and thick smoke, so rescuers could not get in right away – said Maciej Chudegovsky, a spokesman for the Otok fire brigade.

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There was already a police patrol on the site and officers told the firefighters that the building was unoccupied and not connected to the media. – So we began to give the first water currents, and then more cars arrived, including one with a ladder. Openings were cut in the ceiling to allow the building to let out smoke and give water through. Later, the rescuers went inside and confirmed that no one was inside – Łodygowski reports.

As it summarizes, a total of 10 fire brigades, that is, 60 rescuers, fought the fire. After extinguishing the fire, they also carried out the necessary demolition work. The building almost completely burned down, and what did not burn was later dismantled. The work lasted several hours and ended after seven o’clock.

Our reporter determined that the building had already been demolished.

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Main image source: Józefów . Fire Department Volunteer