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Overwatch: Free Holiday Action Game

Overwatch: Free Holiday Action Game

Overwatch has become an absolute longtime runner; Anyone who has so far avoided the Blizzard Entertainment title will now have the right opportunity to catch up.

For the upcoming holidays and the Christmas season, which also features mutual gifts, cult developer Blizzard Entertainment is letting you play the popular online action game Overwatch temporarily for free. So now the days of emptiness have been announced.

This started yesterday, December 20 and will continue into the new year on January 2, 2022. During this period, you can experience and play all 32 of the game’s heroes on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms alike. All 28 action game cards are also fully available; You can try these in different modes like Quick Search, Custom Games, and Arcade.

What are the requirements to sign up for free days? All you need on PC is a account; Xbox Live Gold membership required on Xbox and PS Plus on PlayStation.

During the free days, you can also level up, collect loot and unlock customization options for your heroes. If you purchase the full version of the title at the end of the promotional period and link it to the same Blizzard or console account, you can take full advantage of all the progress made during the free days.

Overwatch also runs an annual Christmas event: Winter Wonderland 2021.

Overwatch – Screening of Winter Wonderland 2021

This year, of course, Blizzard Entertainment is once again launching a winter event in the long-running Overwatch.